Improving lifetime performance of farm animals

Disease reduces the lifetime performance of farm animals

At DSM, we aim to improve the lifetime performance of farm animals by improving animal health and welfare at every stage of the lifecycle. Optimizing the health of livestock is essential for improving animal performance and overall production efficiency and thereby helping to drive more sustainable animal production.

Health issues reduce the performance of an animal over its lifetime. Without proper nutrition, welfare and health management, livestock production efficiency can decrease by as much as 33%.

Approximately US$ 300 billion a year is currently lost to animal disease. Replacing livestock due to ill-health and disease comes at a significant operational, economic and environmental cost. Improving the lifetime performance of farm animals is key to more sustainable farming.


Sustainably improving the lifetime performance of farm animals

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger, and especially Target 2.3.1, which aims to double the average productivity of farmers by 2030.

We design species-specific, smart nutritional plans that improve animal health, welfare and overall performance across the lifetime of the animal..

For example in cows, our nutritional solutions help optimize skeletal development and health, nutrient utilization and fertility, while combating ketosis, mastitis and lameness. It is through our nutritional solutions and knowhow that we help address the issues that lead to a less sustainable herds.

Our Optimum Vitamin Nutrition™

There are many facets to maximizing lifetime performance. One of them is vitamin intake. Vitamins are essential and irreplaceable micronutrients that animals must obtain through a balanced diet. The right vitamin levels are essential for health, well-being and performance. Based on our industry-leading expertise and our partnerships with nutritionists, scientists and customers, it is well recognized that vitamins are essential to more sustainable animal production.

Sustainable Development Goals

We’re so convinced of the value of doing well by doing good that our strategy is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations in 2015. We’re contributing to all 17 SDGS, but we strive to deliver on five in particular:

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