[VIDEO] How to determine losses from inadequate vitamin nutrition


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It's not always easy to identify because there's sometimes subclinical losses. For instance, one thing that still occurs in the swine industry sometimes is mulberry heart disease in the nursery pigs and it's not very common but when it does occur, it's a few pigs and it might be an indication that there's a need for improving supplementation levels to reduce the potential for losses due to mulberry heart disease, which is characteristic of either vitamin E or selenium deficiency.

It's pretty common during that period in pigs, because they're under that period after weaning when levels can drop quite quickly until they're establishing their feed intake again. It's very important to supplement higher levels to the sow and lactation, so that they're getting higher levels and storing more after consuming colostrum and milk from the sow. The importance of supplementation to the sow, in the case of vitamin E is also extremely important as well as sometimes, in certain cases when that's occurring increasing levels of supplementation, in the first diets after weaning.

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28 March 2019


Dr. Jon Bergstrom

Sr. Technical Support Manager, Swine, Animal Nutrition & Health

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Dr. Jon Bergstrom

Sr. Technical Support Manager, Swine, Animal Nutrition & Health

Jon is originally from the state of Iowa in the U.S. and earned a B.S. in Agricultural Studies/Farm Operations with a Minor in Agronomy from Iowa State University in 1992. After working on a swine farm in Missouri, he attended graduate school at Kansas State University and earned a M.S. in Swine Nutrition in 1996. Since that time, he worked as a Swine Research Coordinator for Seaboard Farms before becoming a Swine Nutritionist and Consultant at Kerber Milling Company for nearly 9 years in Iowa. Jon returned to Kansas State University in 2007, where he managed the Swine Research Lab and completed a Ph.D. in Swine Nutrition and Production before joining DSM in July 2011. Currently, Jon works for DSM Nutritional Products in North America as a Sr. Technical Support Manager for swine products, including vitamins, enzymes, and eubiotics. Jon has over 20 scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals and over 160 scientific abstracts and extension publications. In the past, Jon has received several awards, including the Midwest Section ASAS/ADSA Outstanding Early Career Agribusiness Award in 2018, the ASAS Foundation and Dr. Tim S. Stahly Outstanding Swine Nutrition Midwest Graduate Student Award in 2011, and the ASAS Midwest Section Animal Science Young Scholar Award in 2011. Jon enjoys spending time with his son, reading, and many indoor and outdoor activities.

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