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Poultry Science

Detailed study of the changes that occur in eggshell structure and composition during a production cycle in order to better understand the deterioration of eggshell quality with hen age (at 33, 45, and 67 weeks).

Feed Compounder

Animal nutrition plays a central role in lowering carbon economies. Read David Nickell's article on how nutrition can help to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from farming, in the latest issue of Feed Compounder.

Poultry World

The phytate phosphorus content of feed raw materials varies substantially. Read Adam Smith's article on how optimal production efficiency can be achieved by using DSM's Intelligent Phytase Nutrition, in the latest issue of Poultry World.

International Pig Topics

Sow productivity depends on the management and nutrition received by the gilt/sow. Read Dr Jerubella Abelilla article on the importance of building a productive, efficient and resilient pig herd, in the latest issue of International Pig Topics by Positive Action Publications Ltd.

The Pig Site

Innovative scientific solutions are needed to provide enough animal protein for a growing population, while reducing the environmental footprint of animal farming. Read how, at DSM, we have been working on these solutions for decades, in a recent article from Global Ag Media on The Pig Site. 

International Pig Topics

Relying on AGPs for intestinal health management is no longer a viable option to support sustainable pig production. The industry must look elsewhere for strategies to optimise swine health to drive production efficiency.


International Pig Topics

Weaned pigs are very responsive to the 25-OH form of vitamin D3 (Hy-D) with documented improvements in immune function and overall performance.


International Dairy Topics

To get the most from dairy cow, you must get the most from the animal's rumen. It is the engine of dairy production and sometimes needs a helping hand to extract a higher value from starchy feed.

International Poultry Production

Essential oils are used in feed to contribute to more sustainable animal production helping the broiler industry to maintain a high level of productivity, while keeping the use of antibiotics to the strict minimum.

International Poultry Production

The microbiome is not just bugs, it is an organ. By digging deeper into the fundamentals of microbial communities, there is untrapped potential to improve the health, performance and sustainability of poultry production.

Sustainability Special

As the world's population grows, demand for animal protein will continue to rise. To meet this demand sustainably, within planetary limits, will be a big challenge.


International Poultry Production

Educating the market about the negative effects of bacteria cell debris, and exploring the relationship between host and microbiota, to unlocking the hidden potential in gastrointestinal functionality of poultry by enhancing the breakdown of peptidoglycans.



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