CRINA® Ruminants

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Benefits for farmers and feed compounders

Dairy farmers and feed compounders alike want to maintain effective margins. CRINA® Ruminants helps them achieve this.

Dairy farmers want to achieve higher production and better feed efficiency in order to increase their returns. Feed manufacturers want the flexibility to vary the ingredients they use. This allows them to deliver quality feed and reduce costs.

Increasing dairy cow efficiency

CRINA® Ruminants is a precise blend of essential oil components.

Feed cost saving

Adding CRINA® Ruminants to compound feeds delivers real benefits:

  • Allows potential reduction in the specification of feeds without affecting animal performance
  • Allows greater use of lower-priced ingredients, thereby reducing diet costs
  • Helps to reduce the impact of variations in raw material quality
  • Helps limit the effect of raw material price volatility on compound feed costs

CRINA® Ruminants provides a proven way of achieving greater control of formulation costs.

Trial results

During trials, CRINA® Ruminants has been shown to create a better balance of microbes in the digestive system, improving efficiency of digestion by:

  • Slowing the rate of starch fermentation
  • Reducing the extent to which protein is degraded
  • Preventing the growth of bacteria that turn valuable amino acids into waste ammonia

This has shown to improve the supply of nutrients available to animals, and translates into more milk from the same feed. It also has shown to generate greater feed efficiency, which improves cost savings on feed.

Providing flexibility in ration design

The precise formulation of essential oil components in CRINA®Ruminants has been shown to improve rumen performance. As more of the protein provided can be used by the animal, it becomes possible to replace expensive protein sources with cheaper alternatives.

This is an effective way to achieve greater control over formulation costs and margins.

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