RONOZYME® A – Get more out of starch

Our solution to improving starch utilization in corn- and sorghum-based diets.

Corn and sorghum are major sources of starch energy for poultry and swine. But wouldn’t it be great if you could utilize more of that energy? With RONOZYME® A, you can.

Not all starch present in feed is accessible to animals. Containing a blend of amylase and beta-glucanase, RONOZYME® A improves starch digestibility, making more energy available to the animal.

Your benefits

Results include improved live weight gain and feed conversion rate in growing poultry and in piglets.

Increased energy release reduces feed costs and allows greater flexibility when sourcing raw materials. Together, these factors deliver substantial cost savings.

Forms and stability

RONOZYME® A is extremely flexible and well-suited to the demands of the feed manufacturing industry. It combines outstanding heat stability with a free-flowing and dust-free CT (coated thermo stable) form for use in premix, basemix and finished feeds. A liquid form is also available for post-pelleting liquid applications.

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