RONOZYME® MultiGrain

RONOZYME® MultiGrain

RONOZYME® MultiGrain is a multi-component enzyme product, which reduces intestinal viscosity, releasing entrapped energy and nutrients and reducing feed costs.


With corn and soy prices on the rise, it's innovative solutions like feed enzymes that make a difference. Our feed enzyme portfolio enhances the wellbeing and performance of livestock by unlocking nutrient potential in feed and lower feed costs.


RONOZYME® MultiGrain - Multiply the benefits

Multiple benefits reducing feed costs

RONOZYME® MultiGrain is a unique combination of xylanase, beta-glucanase, cellulase and xyloglucanase enzymes that dismantle the complex carbohydrates found in corn, barley and other cereal grains feed ingredients and their by-products. Thanks to its specific combination of enzyme activities:

RONOZYME® MultiGrain offers the flexibility to safely formulate optimum diets even when using highly variable and alternative raw materials.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain multi-enzymes activities degrade the complex cell-wall NSP structures, thus improving the release of entrapped energy and nutrients, as well as reducing intestinal viscosity.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain delivers:

  • Improvement of FCR and Weight Gain, consistently & significantly.
  • Flexibility in feed formulation across a broad range of cereal ingredients (corn, wheat, barley, sorghum, rye, millet, triticale, brown rice, oat) with substantial feed cost savings.
  • Improved energy utilization through the unique combination of xylanase, beta-glucanase, cellulase, xyloglucanase and arabinoxylan de-branching enzymes.
  • Reduction of feed cost up to 10 €/t of feed.
  • Improvement of pigs and poultry gut health and litter quality.

Optimal product information

RONOZYME® MultiGrain is available in a heat-stable, free-flowing and dust-free (GT) form for feed pelleting process up to 90°C. 

A liquid form (L) for post-pelleting liquid applications is also available. 

Recommendations for use (for GT forms)

  • Broilers: 50 g/mT (min. EU) - 100 g/mT
  • Layers: 80 g/mT
  • Turkey: 100 g/mT
  • Ducks: 100 g/mT
  • Pigs: 100 g/mT

Always check and comply with local regulations.

The above recommendations are substrate depended.

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