RONOZYME® ProAct is DSM best-in-class feed protease which increases protein digestion across a range of feed ingredients, thereby reducing feed costs.


With corn and soy prices on the rise, it's innovative solutions like feed enzymes that make a difference. Our feed enzyme portfolio enhances the wellbeing and performance of livestock by unlocking nutrient potential in feed and lower feed costs.


Exogenous Protease: key learnings from a decade of development

Maximize your proteins, reduce feed costs

RONOZYME® ProAct is the Best-in-class feed protease market reference, which not only optimizes amino acids digestibility, but also supports sustainable animal production.

RONOZYME® ProAct optimizes amino acids digestion, reduces costs, mitigates effects of feed protein variability, reduces adverse effects of anti-nutritional factors as well as improves Gastrointestinal Functionality.

Proteases are enzymes that break down protein into peptides needed by animals.

RONOZYME® ProAct provides additional protein digestibility on top of endogenous proteases, resulting in a 3-6 % increase in amino acid digestibility.

RONOZYME® ProAct also increase energy (ME) by at least 25 kcal/kg diet.

Your benefits

Adding RONOZYME® ProAct can:

  • Improves consistently amino acid digestion.
  • Flexible feed formulation for substantial feed cost savings.
  • Contributes to sustainable poultry production by supporting:
    • 1/ efficient use of natural resources: lower soy utilization and more alternative (local and by-products) raw materials 
    • 2/ reduction of livestock emissions: low Nitrogen emissions by enabling lower Crude Protein diets
    • 3/ lifetime performance & animal welfare: significantly reducing foot-pad lesions

Specifically developed for inclusion in animal diets, RONOZYME® ProAct significantly increases the protein digestion.

It complements naturally occurring proteases, and considerably increases peptide supply as so to enhance animal performance. It improves the digestibility of a wide range of protein sources and cereals, allowing savings in feed costs.

Optimal product formulation

RONOZYME® ProAct is available in heat stable free-flowing and dust free CT form.

RONOZYME® ProAct is also available in a liquid form (L) for post-pelleting liquid applications.

Recommendations for use (for both CT & L forms)

200 g/mT for broilers & piglets

150 g/mT for layers & breeders

150-200g/mT for pigs & sows

Always check and comply with local regulations


Minimizing environmental impact with Proteases

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