Hy-D® – strength to succeed in swine

Hy-D® – strength to succeed in swine

Hy-D® gives sows and gilts the strength to achieve their potential, maximizing profitability for our customers.

Swine profitability is increased when sows and gilts produce more piglets over their lifetime. Hy-D® helps them achieve their potential, increasing their lifetime performance and maximizing their profitability.

More productive sows

A strong skeleton is crucial for high productivity – and this is precisely what Hy-D® delivers. Frame and leg weaknesses are among the major reasons for sow culling. Hy-D® helps reduce these losses by building stronger sows.

Experience shows that stronger sows:

  • Last longer
  • Produce more piglets per litter
  • Produce heavier piglets at birth
  • Produce larger weaned piglets in greater numbers

These combined benefits result in greater lifetime performance and higher financial returns.

More gilts selected

Replacement gilts have the best genetics, so farmers want as many as possible available to enter the herd. Improving body conformation – particularly leg and feet soundness – will mean that more gilts are selected for the herd. Hy-D® enables higher gilt selection because it delivers a stronger skeleton.

Trials across the world have proven the power of Hy-D®. On average 7% more gilts were selected when diets were supplemented, resulting in a return on investment of 9:1.

Hy-D® is an essential building block for stronger sows and gilts – and for bigger profits.



Whitepaper - Hy-D: Optimizing swine productivity

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