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Improving hoof strength reduces the likelihood of problems associated with lameness. Cows with sound hooves eat more, produce more, and are more willing to breed.

Lameness in dairy cows

Lameness is one of the most costly production diseases in dairy farming today. On average, a single case of digital lameness costs around £200. Lameness is a multifactorial disease. Many factors, which often interact, are known to contribute to the onset of clinical symptoms.

Good nutritional management together with improving the environment and management of cows can help reduce the incidence of many common types of lameness. Recent studies show that ROVIMIX® Biotin can help reduce the risk of dairy cow lameness, which contributes to better profitability and animal welfare.

How does ROVIMIX® Biotin work?

ROVIMIX® Biotin improves horn quality. This helps reduce the risk of lameness.

  • Biotin is essential for keratin synthesis, the major structural component of horn. 

  • Biotin promotes optimal composition and distribution of intercellular cement, which is required for good horn quality and strength.

Field trial results

Over the past seven years, a total of at least 10 controlled research trials have been published on the effects of ROVIMIX® Biotin on the incidence of hoof disorders in dairy and beef cattle. These studies show that supplementing dairy cows with 1 g/d ROVIMIX® Biotin (20 mg Biotin) results in reduced incidence of several of the most common hoof disorders including sole ulcer, white line disease, sandcracks and digital dermatitis.

In a university study with over 2700 Holstein Freisian cows, biotin supplemented herds had:

  • better locomotion scores
  • more than 75% reduction of clinical lameness
  • fewer antibiotic and other treatments
  • reduced milk somatic cell count (SCC)

Supplementation guidelines

To gain the best results, supplementation of ROVIMIX® Biotin should be continuous, all year round. ROVIMIX® Biotin is also important for dry and transition cows to help minimise the disruption of horn growth that occurs around calving.

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