Product information

Product information

ROVIMIX® Biotin has shown to deliver better-producing dairy cows with improved hoof strength and durability. This has a positive effect on farmer returns.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a B-group vitamin and is an essential nutrient for all animals.

What does it do?

Biotin is critical for a diverse array of metabolic pathways. Of special importance are:

  • Keratin and lipid synthesis - important for horn production, horn quality and strength
  • Glucose synthesis - the main energy source for milk production

Key Biotin Metabolic Funcitons

Natural sources of Biotin

Biotin is present in many foods and feedstuffs in minute amounts (parts per billion).

  • Biotin is synthesised by rumen microbes. Historically it was assumed that this supply was sufficient for high yielding dairy cows. Trials show that dairy cows respond to supplementary Biotin which suggests that endogenous Biotin supply is sub-optimal.

Why supplement dairy cattle with ROVIMIX® Biotin?

  • There is an apparent reduction in rumen Biotin synthesis when high-energy diets are fed.
  • Biotin status of high yielding cows may be reduced when demand is highest.
  • Trials show increased milk production and improved hoof health when cows are supplemented with ROVIMIX® Biotin.

Benefits of ROVIMIX® Biotin Supplementation

  • In the past 10 years more than 15 published scientific studies show that Biotin can benefit hoof health and improve milk production. The return on investment is considerable, even in well managed herds.
  • Consequently, many leading dairy nutritionists, advisors and vets are now recommending Biotin supplementation for dairy cows.

ROVIMIX® Biotin Supplementation Guidelines for Dairy Cattle

1g ROVIMIX® Biotin contains 20 mg biotin.

ROVIMIX® Biotin is a specialist product designed for use by feed manufacturers. Simply ask your feed supplier to add ROVIMIX® Biotin to you dairy concentrates or minerals.

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