Vitamin Fortification Guidelines

Guidelines for Optimum Vitamin Nutrition

DSM vitamin supplementation guidelines are designed to provide Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN) under typical industry practices.

Optimum Vitamin Nutrition is providing all known vitamins in the diet at levels that permit optimum health and productivity of livestock, poultry, aquatic and companion animals. The vitamin levels required to attain optimum vitamin nutrition generally exceed the nutrient requirements published by The United States National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council (NRC).

The NRC requirements for livestock, poultry, aquatic and companion animals are dietary vitamin levels needed to prevent overt clinical deficiency signs. Optimum allowances compensate for stress factors on the animal and on the feed, thus, ensuring that vitamin fortification does not limit performance and health.

These guidelines are based on:

  • Extensive university and industry research
  • Published requirements, e.g., NRC.
  • Field experience and industry practice
  • Characteristics, such as stability and uniformity of the commercial product forms used to supplement vitamins in premixes, base mixes and complete feeds.

These guidelines are ranges to accommodate the numerous factors that influence the vitamin requirements of animals, including the wide variations in commercial feed manufacturing practices and the stresses involved in modern production.

The listed vitamin levels are only guidelines and should be adapted to local conditions. In all cases, national feed legislation must be followed.

The Optimum Vitamin Nutrition concept is fully explained in a separate section accessible from the Vitamin Basics menu.


OVN vitamin supplementation guidelines

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