Measuring color with DSM

Measuring color with DSM

Consumer studies indicate that people worldwide have strong cultural preferences regarding the color of the food they eat. DSM’s color measurement tools allow feed producers to supplement their feed with the type and quantity of carotenoids that will deliver precise and consistent food color and meet consumer expectations around the world.

DSM’s color measurement tools are essential for the poultry and salmon industry as part of the quality standard for carotenoid-based pigmentation in egg yolks, broiler skin and salmon flesh. The colour tools come in either physical or digital versions and are fast and easy to use. DSM’s color measurement tools are recognised globally across the value chain as the reference method for the salmon and poultry industry. 


  • DSM YolkFanTM
  • Digital YolkFanTM


  • DSM SalmoFanTM
  • DSM SalmoFan LinealTM
  • DSM Digital SalmoFanTM


  • DSM ShrimpFan LinealTM


The SalmoFan™ color measurement scale by DSM is recognized as the industry standard across the world for measuring salmon fillet color. At DSM, we have developed a range of color measurement tools adapted to the needs of the industry from feed producers to retailers. 


The ShrimpFan™ color measurement tool. Colour is an important quality criteria for shrimp. Higher colour or more uniform colour of cooked shrimp deliver premium products to the consumer.

Egg Yolk

Consumers apply a range of criteria when judging the quality of an egg, from shell strength through freshness and traceability to egg yolk color.

Digital YolkFan™

Following the new Egg Yolk Pigmentation Guidelines and the 16 blade YolkFan™, DSM continues leading innovation in egg yolk pigmentation with the Digital YolkFan™, powered by Nix Sensor Ltd. The Digital YolkFan™ is a digital extension of the DSM YolkFan™. It provides the same practicality and colors, extending them to an automated tool.

Digital SalmoFan™

DSM adds an innovative technology in its toolbox for color measurement. The digital SalmoFan™ is a portable and user-friendly color sensor device developed for the salmon industry for precise digital color measurement of salmon fillets.

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