DSM Aquaculture history

DSM Aquaculture history

Aquaculture plays a major role in the DSM Animal Nutrition & Health daily business and future ambition. In fact, DSM’s has been committed to aquaculture since the 1960s through innovation and global supply of key vitamins and carotenoids.

In the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s DSM pioneered, developed and deployed new technologies and made key investments to help provide the aquaculture industry with a necessary nutritional foundation for continued expansion. Today, DSM has an industry leading portfolio of feed ingredient products that provide innovative solutions to support optimal aquaculture nutrition. Key product categories for DSM aquaculture includes feed enzymes such as RONOZYME® WX, carotenoids like CAROPHYLL® Pink 10%-CWS, eubiotics such as ROVIMAX® NX, nutritional lipid products like DHAgold™ and vitamins to support Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN®) from the ROVIMIX® product line. DSM has continuously optimized the application of its aquaculture product portfolio, and in the process, solutions for flesh pigmentation, feed cost savings, health and survival, fish welfare and environmental sustainability have been established in response to industry needs.  Looking toward the future, additional solutions-based efforts are being developed to support local requirements of the aquaculture industry while also encouraging the blue revolution.  In fact, the DSM Animal Nutrition & Health global aquaculture team has adopted the motto SMART SOLUTIONS FOR THE BLUE REVOLUTION™ to propel our strategic focus of support to the aquaculture industry into the future.

Milestones and historical events

1985 Launch of CAROPHYLL® Pink for Salmonid flesh pigmentation - World's first commercially available astaxanthin product for aquaculture
1989 Launch of first "Colour Card for Salmonids" - An innovative tool for flesh colour evaluation of Salmonids
1992 Initiation of a global yearly astaxanthin ring test - Continues today as an annual industry resource
1993 Construction and Opening of the DSM aquaculture research facility in Village Neuf, France with fully recirculating experimental tanks
1994 First DSM Aquaculture Conference: Asia Pacific held in Bangkok - Continues as an annual industry event linking key researchers to the aquaculture industry
1995 Launch of ROVIMIX® Stay-C 35 - Stable and bioavailable form of Vitamin C for aquaculture
1995 Pioneered commercial production and launch of DHAgold™, a DHA omega-3 rich algae product for aquaculture - World's first microbial DHA omega-3 source for animal nutrition
1997 Launch of SalmoFan™ and SalmoFan™ Lineal to evaluate salmonid fillet pigmentation color - The global industry standard
2000 DSM's Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN®) vitamin supplementation guidelines launched for aquaculture
2001 DSM and leading enzyme expert, Novozymes®, form partnership to develop RONOZYME® enzymes for the animal feed industry
2002 Launch of CAROPHYLL® Pink 10%-CWS - Cold water soluble product form to meet evolving aquaculture industry needs
2005 Launch of the first animal feed enzyme registered for aquaculture use in Europe (EU) - DSM's phytase product, RONOZYME® P  
2005 Vevodar™ brought to the aquaculture market - First microbial derived arachidonic acid product available to the animal feed industry
2008 Inauguration of the DSM Innovation Award for Aquaculture
2009 ROVIMAX® NX launched - Leading high quality Free Nucleotide Product
2011 DSM Global premix milestone: 40th DSM premix facility opened 


DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines in Animal Nutrition 2016

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