Bone health

Bone health

Our innovative products can help customers rear birds with the strong skeletons that are essential in modern commercial poultry farming.

Stronger skeletons mean better product quality and a more profitable production process.

Strong bones

Birds with strong skeletons tend to thrive, and grow more quickly.

Hy-D®, the unique and rapidly available metabolite of vitamin D3, improves bone strength through better bone mineralization. It increases vitamin D3 supply and regulates calcium metabolism, which results in stronger and faster-growing birds.

An additional benefit arising from stronger bones is fewer condemnations during meat processing.

Improved meat quality

The appearance of food is an important decision-making factor for consumers. ‘Black bone syndrome’ refers to darkened meat along the leg bones. Partially dark poultry meat is perceived to be of lower quality. This tendency can be reduced if bones are made less porous. Hy-D® is proven to reduce bone porosity, and therefore to reduce incidences of black bone syndrome. The end result is better returns on the meat produced.


DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines in Animal Nutrition 2016

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DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines

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