Today’s farmers increasingly need to take into account the potential impact of their activities on the environment. We are committed to helping poultry farmers reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Waste products from any poultry unit can cause pollution of soil, air and water.

The feed enzymes in our cutting edge RONOZYME® range are developed to increase the digestibility of all nutrients, meaning that more feed is utilized by the bird and fewer nutrients are excreted as manure.

Our innovative protease enzyme RONOZYME® ProAct boosts the efficiency of protein digestion and reduces nitrogen excretion.

RONOZYME® HiPhos is highly effective phytases which increases the availability of naturally occurring phosphorus. This in turn reduces the proportion of phosphorus excreted by the bird, as well as the amount of inorganic (rock) phosphate that needs to be added into the feed. Ultimately, this results in a better use of natural resources and a lower impact of the environment.

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