Feed cost savings

Feed cost savings

Feed is a major cost factor in poultry production, so reducing feed costs per bird is a priority for every producer. Our products can help customers increase the return on their valuable investment.

Ultimately, poultry production involves converting feed into meat or eggs. The higher the feed efficiency, the lower the cost of production, and hence the higher the returns.

Higher digestibility

Feed costs can be reduced by adding enzymes which increase digestibility, with the result that the birds get more nutritional value from the same amount of feed.

RONOZYME® ProAct is a protease developed to increase protein digestibility. The Carbohydrase enzymes (RONOZYME® HiStarch, RONOZYME® WX2,000, ROXAZYME® Multigrain, ROXAZYME® VP) increase the utilization of various energy sources, while the phytase (RONOZYME® HiPhos) increase the availability of plant phosphorus – thereby reducing the need for expensive phosphorus supplementation.

Used either alone or else in tailored combinations, RONOZYME® enzymes complement the action of naturally occurring digestive enzymes to boost digestibility and feed efficiency.

Gut health

Our products can significantly facilitate the quest to achieve optimal gut health – a fundamental factor in feed efficiency.

CRINA® Poultry Plus is an innovative blend of essential oil compounds combined with a powerfully effective organic acid. This mixture has shown to stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and to help regulating the microflora of the gut. The combined result is enhanced feed utilization.

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