Animal health and wellbeing are topics of fundamental importance to both producers and consumers.

Our product range helps farmers meet increasing consumer demands for welfare standards. We are committed to helping the poultry sector improve welfare in every aspect of meat and egg production.

Better digestion

Clean birds are healthy birds. A bird with an efficient gut produces dry litter – which means it will stay clean, be healthier, and perform better.

CRINA® Poultry Plus is a precise formulation of high-purity essential oil compounds, combined with a highly efficient organic acid. It has shown to be a specific and powerful effective additive for enhancing gut performance. The benefits include enhanced digestive efficiency, reduced digestive challenges, and greatly improved litter consistency and appearance.

Our RONOZYME® range of feed enzymes can also improve litter consistency. Working by increasing nutrient digestibility, these products are carefully developed to complement the birds’ naturally occurring enzymes. RONOZYME® WX2,000 and RONOZYME MultiGrain improve the digestibility of cereals and cereal by-products – the major reason for wet litter. RONOZYME® ProAct improves the digestibility of protein – meaning reduced nitrogen waste.

Stronger bones

Birds with a strong skeleton are better able to thrive. Hy-D® is a source of vitamin D3, which increases bone mineralization and strength – helping to keep birds in great conditions.


DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines in Animal Nutrition 2016

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DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines

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