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Ruminants and products derived from them are a major source of food everywhere in the world. As grazing animals, ruminants are able to digest plants and stems and do not necessarily compete with the human food chain. This has the potential to give ruminants a growing role in global agriculture. Increased efficiency of ruminant husbandry should of course go hand in hand with careful management of the environment.

We are committed to providing innovative feed additives that:

  • Increase the efficiency and profitability of production
  • Improve animal welfare and lifetime performance
  • Deliver high quality end-products
  • Help protect the environment


  • Welfare


    Our products have been developed to support ruminant welfare. They improve performance while at the same time meeting heightened consumer expectations regarding the well-being of livestock.

  • Environment


    Our approach helps livestock farmers meet the ever increasing demands for sustainable production.

  • Lifetime performance & reproduction

    Lifetime performance & reproduction

    Higher-yielding dairy cows with a longer productive life mean improved performance and profitability. Our approaches can help increasing productiveness and extending productive life.

  • Milk yield & hoof health

    Milk yield & hoof health

    Dairy farmers want high-yielding cows with healthy hooves. We therefore offer various approaches to increasing milk production and improving hoof horn strength.

  • Udder health

    Udder health

    Dairy farmers know that healthy udders produce more milk, so udder health is a priority for us.

  • Rumen potential

    Rumen potential

    Feeding cows means feeding the rumen. If the rumen works efficiently, then cows produce a higher yield and have a longer productive life. Our innovative products help here.

Our Sustainability & Business Platforms

To feed 9.7 billion people by 2050, sustainably and responsibly, and within our planet’s finite resources, the time to change is now. At DSM Animal Nutrition & Health, we’re focusing our passion and expertise on 6 core sustainability & business platforms to support the livestock value chain and address the challenges facing our planet:

Feed Talks & Stories

Discover through our Feed Talks articles, our customers stories and our employee blogs how we use science to develop innovative, cutting-edge technologies that will help transform the animal farming industry.

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