Lifetime performance & reproduction

Lifetime performance and reproduction

Improving lifetime performance and longevity is the key to profitable dairy farming. ROVIMIX® vitamins and CRINA® essential oil components help cows achieve their potential by staying in the herd longer and producing more.

Premature culling is a major drain on dairy profits, preventing cows from achieving their lifetime potential. Improving fertility, reducing lameness and increasing overall productivity will increase the lifespan of cows, stimulate higher production and increase farm incomes.

Improving reproductive performance

Poor fertility is a significant cost to dairy farmers and is the main reason why dairy cows fail to achieve their lifetime potential.
Sub-optimal fertility results in:

  • Reduced annual milk output
  • Reduced income from calves
  • Increased replacement costs
  • Increased veterinary and insemination bills

Better fertility means better farm incomes. ROVIMIX® β-Carotene has been shown to increase reproductive efficiency and help reduce all the losses associated with poor fertility.

Superior hoof health

Lame cows do not perform as well as animals that are sound on their hooves. It is therefore essential to support the growth of healthy, strong hoof horn. ROVIMIX® Biotin improves horn quality and strength. This reduces the occurrence of lameness and the need for antibiotic treatments, delivering better welfare and increased longevity.

Better health status

Healthy cows are more efficient and more profitable, and ultimately have a longer productive life.

ROVIMIX® E50 (vitamin E) plays an important role in the development of an effective immune system, making cows less vulnerable to disease, especially udder infections and mastitis.

An efficient rumen is vital for profitable lifetime production. CRINA® Ruminants fine-tunes rumen fermentation to make the rumen work more efficiently, delivering improved performance while cutting feed costs.


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