Mild yield & hoof health

Milk yield and hoof health in ruminants

Farmers looking for higher-yielding cows with strong hooves can rely on our nutritional supplements to deliver animals that perform over a long and productive lifespan.

Ask any dairy farmer what he or she wants, and the answer will be high-yielding cows that use feed efficiently and are free from lameness – because such animals are profitable.

Raising yields and reducing feed costs

Better feed that delivers more milk puts more money in a farmer’s pocket. The starting-point for this is the functioning of the rumen – the engine of dairy cow performance. An efficient rumen will increase milk output and help reduce feed use per liter, which drives up farm income. We have the products and solutions to make a difference here.

Dairy production trials show that feeding CRINA® Ruminants essential oil compounds improves the efficiency of the microbes which occur naturally in the rumen. This fine-tunes rumen fermentation, reduces feed costs and boosts milk yields.

With rising feed ingredient prices, efficiency of feed use is a major goal for all milk producers. A new development, RONOZYME® RumiStar™, is a cutting-edge feed enzyme for dairy cows. It increases feed efficiency by improving the use of starch, the major energy source in dairy diets.

Stronger hooves

By maintaining hoof health and improving horn quality and strength, the vitamin supplement ROVIMIX® Biotin helps reduce losses caused by lameness.


DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines in Animal Nutrition 2016

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DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines

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