Rumen potential

Improving rumen potential and feed efficiency

To get the most from a dairy cow, you must get the most from the animal’s rumen. The rumen is the engine of dairy production. With our products, you get a ‘turbo-charged engine’ and better profits.

When you feed a dairy cow, you are feeding the billions of micro-organisms in its rumen. Many factors affect the performance of the rumen. Get them right using our range of products, and you will have more productive cows with better feed efficiency. This is what we help farmers to achieve.

Fine-tuning the rumen

The rumen is populated by vital micro-organisms that digest the diet. Fine-tuning the rumen means maintaining these in an optimal state. This increases the energy and protein available to the cow from its feed.

CRINA® Ruminants is a specific blend of essential oil compounds. It is precisely formulated and proven to positively influence the micro-organisms that populate the rumen and optimize rumen performance. The result is increased milk production and reduced feed costs.

Providing extra power to increase feed efficiency

Sometimes the rumen needs a helping hand – for example, in order to extract a higher value from starchy feed.

RONOZYME® RumiStar™ is a cutting-edge feed enzyme specifically developed for dairy cows. It increases corn starch digestion, increases energy supply and allows more milk to be produced from the same feed. Greater feed efficiency means better milk efficiency and bigger farm incomes.

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