Welfare in dairy cows

Welfare standards are essential for modern dairy farms. They can have a significant impact because healthy animals deliver improved performance.

Our products help to create diets that allow animals to fulfill their economic potential while at the same time supporting their welfare.

Animal welfare can be improved by enhanced dietary management. Micronutrients play a key role in the nutrition of dairy cows. We have great expertise in developing feed additives that improve animal welfare and productivity.

Combating lameness

Improving hoof health is a priority for us. Lameness causes cows to suffer. They make fewer visits to the feed trough, eat less, and are less productive. Farm incomes consequently suffer too. Lameness is also a major reason why cows are culled too early in life.

Certain vitamins are essential for hoof strength. Feeding the nutritional vitamin supplement ROVIMIX® Biotin has been proven to reduce the incidence of many hoof disorders, including white line disease, sole ulcers and sand cracks. ROVIMIX® Biotin strengthens the hoof horn. This results in greater hoof hardness, which directly reduces lameness and the suffering that lameness brings with it.

ROVIMIX® Biotin can be used as an individual additive or as part of our extensively researched and proven Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN™) feed additive strategy. Feeding a blend of vitamins can deliver significant benefits. ROVIMIX® Biotin can be combined with ROVIMIX® E50 (Vitamin E) and ROVIMIX® ß-Carotene, for example, in a blend tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Combating mastitis

Mastitis is a painful condition and a major welfare issue. Udder infections lead to reduced milk yields, discarded milk, increased treatment costs and higher early culling rates.

The feed additive ROVIMIX® E50 (Vitamin E) is a powerful tool for reducing the incidence of mastitis by helping build a strong immune system. It has been shown to reduce intramammary infection rate at calving, to cut the duration of mastitis cases in infected cows, and to lower herd somatic cell counts.

Improved calf welfare

Calves are a valuable source of income. Dairy farmers therefore aim to produce vigorous and fast-growing calves. However, calves are vulnerable to growth-rate checks in early life. They therefore benefit from a supportive diet at this crucial stage in their development.

CYLACTIN® is a probiotic supplement which increases the antibodies in the colostrum and helps stabilize calf gut flora. This gives calves a better start in life.

Diarrhea and digestive disorders are major causes of calf mortality. Increasing levels of ?-carotene in the dam’s colostrum makes calves less prone to diarrhea. Adding ROVIMIX® ß-Carotene to the diet of dairy cows helps to gives calves the start in life they need.



DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines in Animal Nutrition 2016

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