Reducing environmental impact of swine production

Swine producers are required to implement environmental controls at every stage of production to protect the air, soil and water.

Our products can help reduce the environmental impact of swine production, while also improving product efficiency.

For a better environment

Our range of feed additives helps farmers to limit environmental impact and increase profits.

Cleaner air

High ammonia levels are common in swine housing. Reducing ammonia in the air can:

  • Improve performance
  • Make it more pleasant to work in swine housing
  • Reduce air pollution in the immediate surroundings of the unit

PureGro™ is a direct fed microbial. It has a clear impact on air quality in swine housing, while also improving manure quality and handling conditions.

Reducing soil and water pollution

Reducing levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in animals’ manure lessens the environmental impact of swine farming. One way this can be achieved is through improving nutrient utilization by the animals.

Our innovative range of feed enzymes improves nutrient utilization in swine. RONOZYME® HiPhos is a highly efficient feed phytase, increasing the utilization of phosphorous in swine rations and reducing phosphorus levels in manure.

RONOZYME® protease (ProAct), with the support of NSP-enzymes (WX2,000, MultiGrain, VP) is improving protein digestibility, resulting to reduced nitrogen levels in manure.  

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