Feed cost savings

Feed cost savings in swine nutrition

Feed is the largest cost of pork production. Our products enable customers to increase feed efficiency and nutrient utilization, leaving them with more funds to invest in other areas.

Extra digestive power

Swine feed is not fully digested, meaning that highly valuable nutrients are lost. Feed enzymes from DSM’s RONOZYME® range help farmers to realize this lost potential, increasing the proportion of nutrients utilized by pigs. This creates higher growth and a better return per kilo of feed.

The digestibility of feed is reduced due to antinutrients (NSPs, trypsin inhibitors, -conglicinin, phytic acid). RONOZYME® range of enzymes improves nutrient digestibility, enabling more economical rations and greater profits.

Efficiency of digestion depends on microflora populations in the gut. 

Less expensive supplementation

Phosphorus is a key nutrient, but naturally available phosphorus in plants is largely undigested by swine. Usually, expensive inorganic phosphorus needs to be added into swine feed to ensure adequate growth.

Increasing the digestibility of natural plant phosphorus by feeding RONOZYME® HiPhos is a cost-effective alternative, allowing for better animal growth and more efficient utilization of feed.

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