Optimal growth

Optimal growth

Achieving optimal growth rates while delivering the required carcass composition can mean the difference between profit and loss in swine production units.

Our products can help farmers increase the return on their investments.

Animals that fail to optimize growth rates require more feed and produce lower returns.

Optimal growth is founded on an effective digestive system. A well-managed digestive system extracts more nutrients from the diet, providing the animal with more ‘fuel’.

We have a great range of feed additives for improving digestive efficiency and growth in swine at all stages of production.

Superior gut health means faster growth

We have developed a range of feed additives whose development is inspired by the observation of natural processes. These create the right conditions in the gut to drive better feed use and faster, more consistent growth.

CRINA® Piglets and CRINA® Finishing Pigs and Sows are fine-tuned formulations of essential oil compounds that have shown to stimulate feed intake and performance in piglets and growing pigs. They have proven to promote the development and maintenance of optimal gut micro-organism populations.

Our suitable probiotic for feed applications is CYLACTIN®. Probiotics help to stabilize the gut flora and improve digestive efficiency, lower enteric problems and reduce mortality.

Extract the goodness

Sometimes pigs need help to extract the full value from their diet. The addition of our high-quality feed enzymes improves the digestibility of the diet, meaning that more nutrients are available and that pigs can grow faster. The RONOZYME® range of feed enzymes provides a complete solution for improved feed utilization and better growth, including:

  • Carbohydrases to increase energy supply
  • Phytases to release more phosphorus
  • Protease to improve protein digestibility

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