World Egg Day 2021

The eggspectation grows!

Friday 8 October is the 25th anniversary of World Egg Day – and we’ll be joining the rest of the world to celebrate the potential of this eggcellent source of nutrition. We hope you’ll keep us company! With insights and inspiration from our very own DSM Egg Family, we shall be exploring some of the eggstaordinary potential of this nutritious, affordable and sustainable source of protein. The eggspectation grows!


Cracking news: Our Egg Family eggspands!

The past year has been challenging for all of us everywhere, and the DSM Egg Family is no eggseption. The good news, however, is that, despite all the difficulties, the family has finally been reunited with their golden cousin, EggQuality!
She knows that you can’t judge a book by it cover but you can judge an egg yolk by its color. She’s always been a staunch advocate of the DSM Yolk Fan™ for accurate measurement of yolk color and is now over the moon about the launch of the digital YolkFan Pro™. Always on her phone…

Meet the DSM Egg Family

EggQuality Cousin

“We all know that a golden egg yolk can only come from a healthy hen, but do we know how that lovely color gets into the egg yolk? IMHO not enough people in the world understand the essential roleplayed by carotenoids in supporting hen health and egg quality. Thank goodness we now have the YolkFan Pro™, which takes the DSM YolkFan™ into the digital age. It’s the last word in measuring carotenoid levels in layer diets – and we all know that what gets measured gets done!”

EggXtra Mom

“I’ve now reached  over three million followers on Eggbook and YolkedIn, I really had to expand my bandwidth during lockdown just to keep everyone updated. Thanks to my darling hubby EggCellent’s marvellous cooking, I’ve managed to avoid expanding my waistline, however. When you think of their nutrient density, it’s hard to believe it, but eggs only contain 75 calories. My networks just can’t stop retweeting that one!”

EggCellent Dad

“When you’ve got a hungry family to feed, it’s always good to have plenty of eggs to hand. They’re full of nutrition, incredibly versatile, and common to all cuisines of the world. I kept our Egg Family happy all year long with a culinary world tour of my cookbooks, from Scotch Eggs to Egg Foo Young, making sure we don’t waste any food!”

EggXpert Grand-father

“Ah, the enthusiasm of youth … EggCentric’s right, of course (she always is right, it would seem), but she omits to mention that the proteins contained in eggs are superior to those from vegetable sources, in terms both of their amino acid profile and of their digestibility. And of course, you all know that besides proteins, eggs contain almost every vitamin and mineral required by the human body. What? You actually weren’t aware of that…?”

EggCentric Daughter

“World Egg Day 2021 is the day to let the world know that eggs are one of the most environmentally sustainable sources of animal protein. Eggs heads will understand me when I say that eggs have the highest transformation efficiency for both proteins and calories. This means that – compared with other animal-source foods – they provide more nutrients while taking less from nature. I’m sharing that information with all my networks right now!”

EggSercise Son

“I for one wasn’t prepared to take a beating during lockdown! Far from it. I decided I needed to stay fit and strong, and so I kept up my egg intake on a daily basis. Did you know that the nutritional composition of eggs is ideal for all stages of life and that quality proteins are essential to build a strong immune system?”

Did you know…?

  • The Lulun Project in Ecuador (Ianotti, 2019) demonstrated that the daily consumption of one egg for six months was able to reduce stunting by 47% and increase growth in undernourished infants.
  • Eggs have an average greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions impact of 24.4 grams of CO2 equivalent per gram of protein, which is below that of all other animal protein sources and even below that of vegetable produce.
  • Thanks to the natural efficiency of hens and the economies of scale achieved by the egg industry over the years, eggs are among the most affordable proteins available.
  • The livelihood of more than a billion people on the world today depends on farming, meaning that egg farming has huge potential to support social and economic advances in the developing world.

Join in the celebrations!

There are many ways to join in the celebrations on World Egg Day 2021. You might want to start your day with an egg, or have a egg-based recipe in your lunch or dinner. Why not get together with family and friends and make a soufflé, or a quiche, or a cake? Or you could boil eggs and dye or paint them – it’s a fun activity for everyone, and they’ll make handy snacks for later, ensuring that no food is wasted! And of course, there are lots of great ideas and a downloadable toolkit on the website of the International Egg Commission. The possibilities are ineggsaustible!

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