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  • What the World's First Bio-Based Vitamin A Means for Sustainability

    19 September 2022

    Achieving global sustainability goals means moving away from fossil fuels. Earlier this year, we announced a breakthrough method to produce Vitamin A via a bio-based fermentation process using locally-available renewable raw materials. “Until now, the only way to meet the growing demand for Vitamin A has been to build new multi-step chemical production facilities requiring more finite resources,” Joerg von-Allmen, vice president of vitamins category management at DSM, recently told TriplePundit.com. “DSM’s new bio-based process will significantly reduce the carbon footprint and waste of Vitamin A manufacturing while still producing the top-quality customers expect.”

  • Do microbiomes help or hurt?

    19 July 2022

    Jack Geremia (Global Head Microbiome Discovery) sheds light on the latest scientific discoveries of Microbiome and busts the myth surrounding it. He also shares his take on why microbiome lies at the heart of sustainability in the field of animal production.

  • We Need a Faster Food Revolution for People, Planet and Livelihoods

    7 July 2022

    There’s an urgent need to re-create our food systems in order to support healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy livelihoods, Ivo Lansbergen tells TriplePundit.com. The answer is a more farmer-centric system that rewards sustainability, clear and accurate data to support consumers’ smart choices and leveraging current technology to make significant progress on sustainability.