Discover DSM’s guide to improved egg quality

We’re introducing our new Egg Quality Manual, offering a practical guide to the evaluation of egg quality at farm level. The guide provides a quick reference for producers, covering the main parameters to follow when monitoring the quality of eggs being offered for sale from the farm.

Helping to navigate the complexities of egg production, the manual provides guidance regarding on-farm egg evaluation, with specific quality parameters to help benchmarking. With detailed information on egg structure and size, producers can use the guide to assess their quality and consistency and how it relates to feed consumption. The manual also explains the differences in egg shell appearances, and how this can affect consumer attitudes and marketing appeal in certain countries.

In addition, readers can use the reference guide to identify key indicators of egg freshness, by checking quality of the albumen and looking at the shape and color of the yolk. We also highlight the DSM resources available to producers, such as the YolkFan™ and the Digital YolkFan™, which can help evaluate, record and manage the yolk color within a flock. The guide allows egg producers to make informed decisions on best practices, to ultimately increase production and profitability on farms.

Download our Egg Quality Manual to find out how to ensure optimal egg quality on farms or contact us for more information.

Published on

11 October 2018


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  • Poultry


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