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Committed to bringing innovations to the biogas industry

DSM has supported biogas producers with products and services for more than a decade and our enzymes are used in hundreds of digesters. This means we have developed extensive experience with optimizing the biological process in anaerobic digestion.

Our dedicated biogas team benefits from DSM’s wealth of expertise in fermentation and biotechnology and builds on a history of more than 100 years in this field. Today, DSM is ranked among the top three companies in the world in industrial biotechnology. 

Working with proven solutions 

DSM is committed to bringing innovative solutions to the biogas industry. As a science-based company, innovation is a corner stone in our activities. DSM has over 400 scientists in biological sciences. Applying our strong skills in the development, production, and application of enzymes we ensure you get innovative, high-quality products and reliable services that meet your objectives.

Support from your local experts

In order to best support you locally and provide you a wide range of AD-related products and services, DSM partners with distributors in various European countries. You can choose to either contact us directly or connect with one of our distributors.

A strong commitment to bio-energy

DSM Biogas is part of the DSM Bio-based Products & Services Group. Together we have developed a broad portfolio of biomass conversion technologies and built up extensive experience in this field. For example, we are very active in technologies for converting cellulosic biomass (e.g. wheat straw, corn stover) to advanced bio-ethanol. Being active in various fields in bioenergy gives use the unique advantage to apply insights and technologies developed across our activities, including in biogas and biomethane.

Royal DSM: doing well by doing good

Royal DSM N.V. (DSM) is a global, purpose-led, science-based company. From animal and human nutrition and health to medical devices; solar technology to biofuels; sustainable plastics to the world’s strongest fiber. Our businesses bring value to as many as possible.

Sustainability as our core value

The principles of sustainability are core to everything we do at DSM. To us, achieving sustainability means simultaneously pursuing economic performance, environmental quality and social responsibility. Read more about DSM on our corporate website.

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