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Feedstock options case study

G3 increases use of manure & grass silage, boosts gas production


  • Increase use of grass silage and solid cow manure in the substrate menu. Increasing this proportion to above 50% has been unsuccessful so far, causing problems with pumping and mixing.
  • Improve conversion rates (which were suboptimal).

Plant parameters

  • Substrates: corn silage, grass silage, solid and liquid (cow) manure
  • Feed rate: 4.6 kg oDM per m3 per day
  • Residence time: 76 days
  • Plant builder: MT-Energie
  • Number of reactors: 2
  • (Main) fermentor size: 2,285 m3
  • Capacity: 600 kW (CHP)

Key results

  • MethaPlus® allowed for trouble-free use of higher proportions of grass silage and solid cow manure (replacing 1.5 tons of corn silage per day)
  • Remaining good pumping and mixing properties and no increase in power consumption

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