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Viscosity improvement case study

British plant reduces energy consumption by 20%


  • Solve the viscosity problem resulting from the use of grass silage. The plant was experiencing lowered performance due to thickening of the digestate, crusting and reduced ability to mix the digestate.



Plant parameters

  • Substrates: grass silage, liquid manure, whole crop silages
  • Feed rate: 4.8 kg oDM per m3 per day (after optimization by enzyme use)
  • Residence time: 48 days
  • Number of reactors: 2
  • (Main) fermentor size: 2,200 m3
  • Capacity: 500 kW (CHP)

Key results

  • Through the application of MethaPlus® the dry matter content both fermentors has been successfully reduced, from above 8% to a stable 7%.
  • Viscosity improvements led to more operational stability, better flowability and easier mixing
  • 20% savings in power consumption
  • 25% substrate saving through improved substrate conversion

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