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Viscosity improvement case study

Plant in Ukraine dissolves floating layer


  • Resolve a floating layer (crust) issue. Separation of substrate was observed in the fermentor. Crust thickness was between 1.0 and 1.5 meter, reaching the top of the fermentor at the feeding zone, while level around the mixing zone.

Plant parameters

  • Substrates: corn silage (mono fermentation)
  • Feed rate: 10kg oDM per m3 per day
  • Residence time: 25 days
  • Plant builder: Zorg Biogas
  • Number of reactors: 4
  • Fermentor size: 4 x 3,044 m3
  • Capacity: 10 MW (CHP)

Key results

  • Through application of MethaPlus®, the floating layer was dissolved in 3-4 days resulting in a digestate with normal flowability, allowing the plant to return to normal operations.

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