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For various feedstocks

The benefits of biogas enzymes

Optimizing your fermentation process will help you to run your plant without issues and to get more out of your plant. DSM’s biogas enzymes are used in hundreds of digesters throughout Europe, with various feedstocks. They offer various benefits. From avoiding floating layers to shorter retention times.

Read more about these benefits below. Or check our case studies for real-life evidence.

Improved viscosity

  • Remove and avoid floating layers
  • Lower energy use for stirrers and pumps
  • Less wear on moving parts
  • Reduce water dilution

Higher substrate conversion

  • More methane output
  • Lower substrate needs
  • Shorter retention times

More feedstock options

  • Increase use of fiber-rich or other challenging substrates
  • Examples: cereal-based silages (wheat, barley, rye, triticale), manure and sugar beet pulp.

About DSM

DSM has supported biogas producers with products and services for more than a decade. In developing our biogas-specific enzymes and providing technical support to our customers, we build on DSM’s 100+ years of experience in enzyme development, production and application. Visit our corporate website to find out more about DSM and its history.

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