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The DSM Golf Tournament

The DSM Golf Tournament is an annual event for DSM employees and retirees.
Golf course

The tournament is meant for all level players, and even starters who can join the clinic. The DSM Golf Tournament is every year a great day of relaxed golf where enthusiastic colleagues from all over DSM come together.

Information DSM Golf Tournament 2018

Friday August 31st 2018
Reception 11.00 hours, Start Shotgun at 13.00 hours

Golfclub Stippelberg, Hooizak 7, 5761 RZ Bakel (Website)

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Tournament rules
True Texas Scramble:

There are many variations of the ‘scramble’ game; at the DSM Golf Tournament we will play the true format:

  • A team consists of four (or three) players. Each team competes against all other teams.
  • Each player in the group drives at every tee. Hereafter the team decides which tee shot it likes best and uses that one.
  • Only the players of whom the best ball is not chosen play their second shot from the position of the chosen drive. They place the ball within one meter from the selected position, however, not nearer to the hole.

Note! If the selected ball is in the rough or in a bunker, golf balls shall be dropped (not placed) in the rough or in the bunker.

  • After the players have played their second shot, the best shot is again selected.
  • The method explained above will be repeated until the ball is on the green.
  • On the green the same method applies. The selected ball is marked a putter head length away and the players putt from the same spot in turn. Each potential next ball is marked after each putting attempt. This sequence is repeated until the ball is in the hole. The team captain scores the round, counting the number of strokes used.
  • Each player on the team MUST have a minimal number of drives counted during the round. ‘Counted’ means that from each member a minimal number of positions must be selected to hit the second shot from.
  • For teams with four members the minimal number of selected drives is 4. For teams with three members the minimal number is 5.

There is only one score per hole, the team score. No individual score.

  • Handicaps are not used during play, they are only used to compare teams and to define ‘team handicaps’. The DSM Golf champion is the team with the lowest nett team score.
  • The team captain will be responsible for his team to play according the rules of the game and will make sure his team will not delay play.