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General Micronutrient Information

Vitamin Basics

A focus on the role of 13 vitamins in human health

Linus Pauling Institute's Micronutrient Information Center

A source for scientifically accurate information regarding the roles of vitamins, minerals, other nutrients, dietary phytochemicals (plant chemicals that may affect health), and some foods and beverages in preventing disease and promoting health.

National Institute of Health's Office of Dietary Supplements

A list of fact sheets about a wide range of dietary supplements.


In-depth coverage of recent nutrition research, including expert opinions from top names in nutrition.

Fats of Life

Cutting-edge nutrition articles about essential fats and omega-3 fatty acids. Includes summaries of the latest research articles.

The Micronutrient Calculator

A website that allows people to explore intakes of nutrients in the US.

Nutrition organizations

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Science-based food and nutrition information for consumers and nutrition professionals.

International Food Information Council

Food safety, nutrition, and healthful eating information to help consumers make good and safe food choices

The American Society for Nutrition

A non-profit organization supporting nutrition researchers, clinical nutritionists and industry.

The Nutrition Society

An international society dedicated to promoting human and animal nutrition research.

Dietary recommendations

World Health Organization nutritional requirement resources

Publications on nutritional requirements and food-based dietary guidelines from the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Information about North American nutrient intake recommendations based on the Institute of Medicine.

European Food Safety Authority Dietary Reference Values and Dietary Guidelines

EU framework for scientific advice on nutrient intakes.

Australian and New Zealand Nutrient Reference Values

A set of recommendations for nutritional intake based on currently available scientific knowledge.