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Johns Hopkins Celebrates Vitamin Research with George C Graham Lectureship (and More)

By Michael McBurney

The  Human Nutrition Division in the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (@JohnsHopkinsSPH) recently celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Vitamins and the memory of their founding director, Professor George C Graham.

The 7th Annual George C Graham Lectureship in Infant and Child Nutrition was given by Dr Bruce Ames from Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. After a brief review of the contributions of Dr Graham and welcoming comments by faculty from Johns Hopkins, it is worth listening to the video of Dr Ames’ keynote address entitled “Vitamin and Mineral Adequacy Accelerates Age-Related Disease” beginning at 13:00. Dr Ames is a humorous, engaging speaker. It is worth listening to this expert  explain how critical nutrition is for health aging. He gives a wonderful lecture elucidating the risks associated with inadequate dietary intakes of ~15vitamins, ~15 minerals and ~8 amino acids with respect to age-related non-communicable diseases. You will hear nuggets like:

“People always think about a part per million of some pesticide but that’s all irrelevant compared to bad diets. And we wrote lots of papers saying that pesticides really aren’t anything to worry about. If you want to spend 50% more and buy organic food, fine but it makes no sense. Because every plant has a hundred toxic chemicals to kill off insects and to kill off you. Because that’s how plants defend themselves.  And humans have bred plants so that they are less toxic and they can eat a little bit of a lot of things. “ Listen to the entire lecture (just under 1 hour) to learn how inadequate nutrition affects the aging process.”

Three other videos (Graham Lecture 2013 #2, 3 and 4) of the other speakers are also available on Youtube:

  • Dr Klaus Kraemer, Executive Director of Sight and Life (@SightandLife), on “Hidden Hunger Around the Globe”.
  • Dr Al Sommer, Dean Emeritus and Professor, Johns Hopkins, on “Vitamin A at 100: Saving Lives Millions at a Time”
  • Dr William Checkley, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins, on “Vitamin D and Chronic Disease Prevention: The Best Century is Yet to Come”
  • Dr Robert Black, Professor, Johns Hopkins, on “Micronutrient Interventions that Work: The 2013 Lancet Nutrition Series”
  • Dr Harry Dawson, Nutritional Immunologist, USDA, on  “Micronutrients Help Fight Infection: How?”
  • Dr Regan Bailey, Nutritional Epidemiologist, USDA (@Regan_Bailey_), on “Micronutrients in Food and Supplements: How Good is our US Diet?”
  • Dr Parul Christian, Professor, Johns Hopkins, on “Developmental Exposure to Micronutrients: Lifelong Effects in Undernourished Settings”
  • Dr Alain Labrique, now Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins (@alabriqu), on “mHealth: A New Frontier for Micronutrient Deficiency Prevention”
  • Dr Keith West Jr, Professor, Johns Hopkins, on “Mining the Plasma Proteome to Reveal Hidden Hunger”
  • And a moderated panel with Scott Shane (@ScottShaneNYT) from The New York Times (@nytimes), Dr Manfred Eggersdorfer from DSM Nutritional Products, and Dr Ellen Piwoz (@EllenPiwoz) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (@gatesfoundation).