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Innovating for Health and Sustainability: EAT FOOD Forum

By Michael McBurney

Today and tomorrow, the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2015 meets to build a food roadmap to 2050. It is an impressive collection of leaders. In her opening comments, Dr Gunhild Stordalen (@G_stordalen) challenges leaders to work together to find solutions.

Providing a growing global population a healthy and nutritious diet within safe environmental limits is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. As EAT recognizes , the nutritional needs of a growing population, 8 billion this year, can only be addressed through knowledge, innovation and integrated commitments from industry, government and non-government organizations.

Hopefully, participants will embrace the “Solutions for a Cultivated Planet” concept shared by Dennis Dimick, National Geographic Society (@ddmick), at the Canadian Nutrition Society annual meeting this past week.

1.    Freeze agriculture’s footprint.

2.    Grow more on farms we’ve got.

3.    Use resources more efficiently.

4.    Shift diets.

5.    Reduce waste.

We are proud of the leadership of DSM, under the leadership of CEO Feike Sijbesma, to drive sustainability through cellulosic ethanol production, constraining greenhouse gas levels by reducing rumen methane production, and efforts to combat micronutrient deficiencies around the world through research and partnerships with organizations like the UN World Food Programme, UNICEF, Vitamin Angels, German International Development Agency, International Osteoporosis Foundation, World Vision and others. For more information, see our “Fighting Hidden Hunger” video.

Food provides sustenance. Communal meals provide an opportunity to bond. Nutrients are essential for life. By measuring nutritional status, needs (suboptimal and deficient levels of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids) can be identified, and solutions (ready-to-eat foods, fortified foods, vitamin supplements) can be recommended.

Hoping a shared dream emerges to develop a multitude of innovations leading to a healthier, more sustainable future inclusive of everybody, everywhere.