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Providing perspectives on recent research into vitamins and nutritionals


Celebrating our 5th Anniversary with >1,200 Blog Posts

By Michael McBurney

This month celebrates its 5 year anniversary. According to marital traditions, TalkingNutrition is no longer ‘newly married’. With >1,200 blogs posted over the past five years, we tend to agree.

It seems just yesterday, in reality the spring of 2010, when the leadership of DSM Nutritional Products approved the launch of a science-based blog. It was a bold move for executives to endorse scientists writing and sharing perspectives on emerging research in real-time directly to the internet. When websites were just beginning to surpass radio and newspapers as information sources, DSM Nutritional Products took a leadership position in social media.

For the first 9 months, I (@MIMcBurney) wrote all the blogs. At the onset, the technology infrastructure did not support email subscriptions. To build awareness, we were early business-to-business adopters of twitter (@DSMNutrition) and facebook.

It is challenging to write blogs and post content when days can be filled with travel and/or meetings. Vacations were another factor. It was a personal relief, and a delight for our readers, when Julia Bird (@juliakbird) began contributing content in April, 2011. Subsequently, Eric Ciappio, and Rachel Murphy (briefly), became regular contributors. Now readers can subscribe to receive an email every time any of us posts a new blog.

Through twitter (@DSMNutrition) and facebook (TalkingNutrition), content is shared from many sources, not just  In fact, @DSMNutrition has ~6,300 followers and a Klout score of 57 (today). It is the most connected of our TalkingNutrition-related social media platforms.

It is our objective to have serve as a real-time information provider with commentary on new research on vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids and some nutritionals. In a rapidly changing world, nutrition practice and policy needs to be guided by the totality of the evidence, not the most recent study and/or headline. Yet, increasingly we seem to be inundated by conflicting messages.

Through, readers get a science-based perspective on new nutrition research. We endeavor to share the blog via twitter and facebook. also serves as a searchable archive on key nutrition studies published during the past 5 years.

I wish to acknowledge the DSM Information Technology (IT) applications team. Without their expertise, patience, availability around the clock, and continued support, you would not be reading this anniversary post. They have brought a vision to life. To all those who have answered my Instant Message (IM) or email question, thank you.

Thank you to our readers for being part of the DSM Nutritional Products community. By including us in your social network, you have lifted our morale and extended our reaches.

By Doing Something Meaningful (DSM) and working together, we will overcome hidden hunger and malnutrition.