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Stanyl PA 46 resin from DSM: cooperation between Bozzio, DSM, Bern University and Dynamic Test Center brings safer mobility for people with disability

Sittard, NL, 02 Mar 2010 12:00 CET

The joysteer® X-by-wire system with precision gears made of Stanyl® PA 46 resin from DSM Engineering Plastics is now in commercial production for the handicapped market and available from car modification companies in Switzerland, Germany and the Benelux. This rapid development from prototype to successful commercialisation was achieved by the Swiss company Bozzio within record time of just three years. In this period, Bozzio obtained the strictest level of safety approvals for the European market (TÜV approval according to ECE-R 13H braking system and ECE-R 79 steering system), making joysteer X-by-wire commercially available to provide people with a disability a user-friendly solution to drive a car with safety and confidence. This is the first system with such a high safety level.

Matthias Hell, Bozzio CEO, explains “We are proud to have brought to commercial production this important advance for people with a handicap offering them greater mobility. Our patented joysteer X-by-wire system is the end result of intensive cooperation by material supplier DSM Engineering Plastics, Bern University for Applied Sciences, Dynamic Test Center (crash test) and many others.”

Bozzio now foresees a host of potential applications for their patented X-by-wire system in special-purpose vehicles, such as municipal and agricultural vehicles, unmanned vehicles, areas requiring a high degree of reliability and safety. As Hans Wennekes DSM, Business Development Manager Stanyl, states “This patented technology made available by Bozzio opens new opportunities for Stanyl polyamide 46 (PA46) resin in wide scope of special purpose vehicles.”

The joysteer system

The gears sets made from Stanyl polyamide 46 (PA46) resin in joysteer X-by-wire system translate the driver’s steering movements into vehicle control. Two joysticks are mounted and coupled electronically to the vehicles steering mechanism. The driver’s movement of the joysticks is computed by joysteer and the data sent to the control module that turns the steering column and thus steers the car. The Stanyl gears are part of the steering actuator module. Stanyl polyamide 46 (PA46) resin fulfils the essential requirements for dimensional stability, low wear and the ability to absorb vibration and noise. Stanyl polyamide 46 (PA46) resin has an extra strong crystalline structure which makes it highly suitable for demanding automotive and electronic applications. To get an impression of the system’s capabilities please see movie

DSM Global Gear team

As well as supplying the resin for the gear system, DSM Global Gear team supported the development of joysteer X-by-wire system with technical expertise in gear train design, in-depth tribology, materials development, processing and market insights. In addition, DSM together with forteq-group teamed up the total supply chain which enabled functional gear train prototypes to be produced in the shortest possible time. DSM’s global gear team which was set up to offer value-added services in application and business development to support gear application operates in Europe, USA and the Asia/Pacific region.

Bozzio AG

The X-by-drive system was initiated by the Swiss organisation for people with disabilities (ASRIM) and developed by Bern University of Applied Sciences. In 2006, the spin-off company Bozzio was set up to take up the process of obtaining TÜV approvals and to commercialise the system. Working with recognised automotive suppliers, Bozzio is supplying mechatronic components to car modification companies. In close cooperation with two car modifiers in the Netherlands and Switzerland, Bozzio has conducted all driver tests with disabled people. In 2009, final homologation was achieved and the first cars are now on the road. The target volume in Europe is 300 systems in 2012. More information on :