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DSM Venturing sells stake in Terreco to management

Urmond, NL, 13 Jul 2010 11:00 CEST

DSM Venturing, the venture capital group of DSM, has sold its stake in Terreco Holding BV to the management of the company. Terreco has its headquarters at the Chemelot Campus in Geleen. Its principal activity is soil remediation using special technology.

This soil remediation technology, known as PuriSoil®, was developed in the 1990s by DSM Research. Although the technology was successfully put into practice, it was not one of DSM's core activities. For this reason, DSM licensed this technology in 2002 to the new spin-off Terreco, in which it acquired a stake.

Along with the sale of its shares, DSM is now also transferring the PuriSoil patents to Terreco. DSM regards the sale as a successful completion of the spinoff and is confident that the company will enjoy further growth. Financial details of the transaction were not announced.

Purisoil technology involves a ‘bio-strip method’, in which air is injected into the soil below the contamination. As the air flows upwards through the contamination zone, it carries the contaminants to a bio-active layer laid down by Terreco at ground level. In this layer, the contaminants are completely broken down through biological processes and converted into carbon dioxide and water.

In recent years, Terreco has continued to improve the PuriSoil technology. Following an initial phase in which most orders came from DSM and SABIC, Terreco’s activities have grown substantially. Terreco currently provides decontamination services primarily to industrial companies, but also to public authorities and individuals, at home and abroad.