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Medical Strategy

To grow, compete, challenge and improve, DSM has a clear vision for the future: To be the leading development partner, trusted by the medical industry to shape the future of biomaterials and regenerative medical devices that improve and brighten patients’ lives throughout the world. That means being a partner that medical device and pharmaceutical companies trust to create better solutions that improve the lives of patients.

Our business growth initiatives are guided by four basic strategies: invest in our core technologies, develop new proprietary biomaterial products, establish new partnerships, and manufacture biomedical materials and products for our customers.

We continue to innovate in partnership with our customers to create smarter solutions that improve people’s lives. Together, we are at the leading edge of materials science, advancing healthcare by making medical devices longer lasting, more effective and less invasive. 

With our established portfolio of materials and rich history of innovation, DSM has the talent and technologies to make a difference. And it starts with a proven portfolio of passive, active and regenerative biomaterial technology, including biomedical polyurethanes, biomedical polyethylenes, resorbable polymers, bioceramics, collagens, extracellular matrices, silicone hydrogels, coatings and drug delivery platforms.

Our primary focus? Working with leading medical device companies to service multiple medical specialties: cardiovascular, dental, diabetes management, diagnostics, ENT, general surgery, neurology, oncology, ophthalmic, orthopedic, pain management, plastic and reconstructive surgery, sports medicine, trauma, urinary, vascular, women’s health and wound repair.

Making a material difference

Our strength? Uncompromising innovation, a broad offering of biostable and biocompatible materials, plus our extensive knowledge of the human body. We understand clinical needs, speak the same materials science language as our customers and reformulate our proprietary chemistries for customized clinical solutions. Add to this our global reach and a robust history of Master Files, including regulatory filing and clinical trial support, and it’s no wonder DSM is becoming the partner of choice. 

We have earned our position as a world leader in biomaterials in two ways. First, we’ve created a wide variety of standard, high-quality biomedical products available off-the-shelf to companies seeking to create new devices or improve existing ones. Second, we’ve partnered with medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, large and small, to offer customized solutions that meet their individual needs and exact specifications. Our wide array of technology platforms enables us to continue to develop innovative materials and devices as standard and custom solutions for our partners.

A future of opportunities

There are many unmet biomaterial needs — and there will be many to come. It’s why DSM has invested heavily in cutting edge research and development and is constantly collaborating with leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies. And we’ll continue to work towards taking the pain out of healthcare costs with more cost-effective solutions.

Responding to today’s trends and challenges

Every day, we are working to help successfully address current significant issues and trends in healthcare delivery. These include increased demand for medical services from our aging population who expect more active lifestyles, cost challenges, miniaturization of implantable devices and infection prevention.

As healthcare costs rise, we are seeking ways to develop materials that contribute to minimally invasive surgical procedures that reduce trauma, speed recovery and shorten hospital stays — helping customers improve patient care while reducing healthcare costs. As the population ages, we aim to lead in biomaterials and regenerative medical devices providing solutions that will ultimately increase and prolong quality of life.

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