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DSM Venturing

Since its inception in 2001, DSM Venturing, the outside-in arm of our open innovation approach, has invested in more than fifty emerging innovative companies in the US, Europe and Israel.
DSM Venturing, the outside-in arm of our open innovation approach

Building on this venturing experience, in 2013 we established new ambitions for the period through 2020 and beyond, based on:

  • the global population of 9 billion by 2050 will only be able to enjoy bright living for all in a stable world if breakthrough innovation occurs in nutrition, materials and energy
  • a dramatic shift in global innovation funding is occurring, away from traditional (financial) venture capital and government backed research, and away from capital intensive sectors
  • disruptive innovation businesses are generally built faster and are more in tune with societal needs by entrepreneurs choosing to operate outside large companies

As a responsible corporate citizen we feel that stepping up venturing is an ideal way of serving the interests of all our stakeholders in a sustainable manner: people, planet, profit.

Our primary goal remains to create strategic options and value for DSM and the ecosystem we live in. At the same time, venture grade investment returns are necessary to enable us to do so sustainably.