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We create the bright science behind some of the world’s best-selling beauty, fine fragrances and home care products - from skin care and sun care ingredients to hair care and aroma ingredients. Our family of vitamins, natural bio-actives, UV filters, peptides and polymers are beautifying, nourishing and protecting people everywhere - both on the inside and out. After all, why just look great when you can feel great too?

Revealing the power of beauty

We bring many years of industry experience to support customers at every stage of the product development process: from evaluating promising skin care, hair care and sun care ingredients, to testing, through to delivery (at production scale) of formulations that consumers love. All this is supported by scientific and technological analyses - especially claim substantiation and regulatory requirements - plus a dedicated panel of sensory experts.

Their task? To optimize the sensory properties of hair care, skin care and sun protection applications for our customers (and their customers). We also co-create bespoke solutions with our customers - for example our facial mapping technology, developed to demonstrate the efficacy of one of our skin actives.

Safer under the sun – and more sustainable

Somewhere between two and three million people are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancers each year worldwide, with a further 132,000 melanoma skin cancers diagnosed. Here at DSM our Alpaflor® portfolio of skin bioactives is helping to tackle this serious societal challenge - and we are achieving it based on a sustainable philosophy of organic, traceable and fair trade ingredients.

At DSM we developed several internal tools to help us measure the sustainability footprint of our product ingredients against tangible criteria - which is then externally evaluated by independent sustainability experts like the Carbon Disclosure Project. We then share this information with customers. The result: one of these projects demonstrated that more than 45% of DSM’s personal care portfolio is of natural origin.

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Our personal care and aroma ingredients respond to the constantly changing needs of our customers.

Sustainable Development Goals

At DSM we feel so strongly about doing well by doing good that our company strategy is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For nutrition we’re especially focused on:

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  • Animal Nutrition & Health

    Science-based animal nutrition solutions based on our broad portfolio of vitamins, enzymes, eubiotics, carotenoids, lipids and minerals.

  • Human Nutrition & Health

    Nutritional ingredients for the food and beverage, dietary supplement, early life nutrition, medical nutrition and nutrition improvement industries.

  • Pharmaceutical Solutions

    Vitamins and lipids APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for over-the-counter health products and prescription medications.