Ultralight Strength: Innovation and Collaboration

DSM Protective Materials manufactures Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™. It’s 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-to-weight basis. But it’s also incredibly light, flexible and versatile - which is why today Dyneema fiber is used in everything from aviation to personal protection, marine, fishing, heavy lifting and sports & lifestyle industries.

Our commitment to protecting people and the planet

Products containing Dyneema fiber push the boundaries of lightweight strength in ropes and synthetic chains, in addition to also providing comfort and safety in everything from footwear and apparel to cut-resistant gloves to body armor.

What’s more, because Dyneema fiber is made from very low carbon footprint materials, it’s far better for the world than the materials it replaces. In fact, products made with Dyneema don’t just weigh less. They use less material, they need less energy to process, and they last longer - helping to reduce carbon emissions and waste. 

Endless possibilities

Dyneema can stop bullets, salvage ships and make the fastest sports car safer. It can solve countless problems; in fact, the possibilities are almost endless.

Supporting sustainable development

At DSM we feel so strongly about doing well by doing good that our company strategy is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Within DSM Protective Materials we’re especially focused on:

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    From animal and human nutrition & health to medical devices; from solar technology to biofuels; from sustainable plastics and resins to venturing…our businesses are here to bring value to all stakeholders.

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    Materials Sciences is what helps produce many of the engineering thermoplastics, resins, high performance fibers and coatings essential to everyday life.

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