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Description of Risks

The following is a selection of important risks that have been identified and for the management of which strategies, controls and/or mitigating measures have been put in place as part of DSM’s risk management practices. They nevertheless involve uncertainties that may lead to the actual results differing from those projected. There may also be current risks that the company has not yet fully assessed and that are currently qualified as ’minor’ but that could have a material impact on the company’s performance at a later stage. The company’s risk-management and internal-control system has been designed to signal and respond to these developments on time, but 100% assurance can never be achieved of course.

The top four risks and other important risks as derived from these categories during the year under review (and the corresponding responses) are described in the Integrated Annual Report 2018.

(N.B.: These descriptions are to be considered as an elucidation of the Integrated Annual Report; they will not be updated during the year.)

Generic / strategic risks