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DSM’s mission statement reads “Our purpose is to create brighter lives for people today and for the generations to come. We connect our unique competences in Life Sciences and Material Sciences to create solutions that meet our customers’ challenges and nourish, protect and improve performance”.

DSM’s ICT department is of significant importance as we strive to achieve this. The world around us is transforming into a constantly developing information society, and we need innovative, sustainable solutions to keep pace. ICT helps us do that. With knowledge of DSM and its units, as well as external and internal best practices, it is committed to delivering smart, value-driven Information and Communication Services and Systems and Support. This enables DSM to steer, develop, adapt and compete in the best ways possible. Above all, it helps maintain our sustainable character – reflected in our attention to people and the planet, with an eye for profitable results. In other words, ICT will help DSM remain successful, now and in the future.

How does ICT contribute?

ICT is the enabler and engine behind our increasingly important high performance information culture. Information is key, and these days, ensuring its rapid flow is of strategic importance. With smart, innovative and sustainable solutions, ICT gives everybody at DSM the information we need to excel and accelerate.

For example, ICT provides us with the hard and software we use for videoconferencing. Our employees can meet with colleagues across the globe from the convenience of their own offices, greatly reducing the need for travel. This increases efficiency, reduces hassle for our employees, and decreases CO2 emissions. And when it comes to increasing sustainability in this area, we think big. We recently held a ‘virtual’ version of our Top Management Conference, an ‘e-TMC’. Our 350  top managers from all over the world met in virtual space – and DSM was the first non-ICT company to achieve this remarkable result.

Other sustainable initiatives in this area include the virtualization of infrastructure, which greatly reduces spend on energy and equipment, as well as a partnership between Purchasing and ICT, who are now cooperating to select key suppliers evaluated on elements such as quality assurance and sustainability. Efforts such as these align ICT services and applications to DSM’s high quality standards.