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Suppliers / Sourcing

At DSM, Purchasing is a globally-operating functional group that consists of a central DSM Sourcing unit, Business Group Purchasing departments and centralized operational Purchasing Shared Services.

What kind of materials & services are being bought by DSM?

We distinguish 2 areas of types of materials that we are buying from our suppliers:

  • Direct Goods & Services, which are the majority of the necessary building blocks for the vast range of DSM products, for example Chemicals & Utilities.
  • Indirect Goods & Services, which cover the most diverse range of purchasing needs for DSM that are not directly processed in our products (Facility Goods & Services, ICT, Physical Distribution, Technical Goods & Services).

What does DSM's Purchasing Organization want to achieve?

The Purchasing organization’s mission is to connect customer needs with supplier solutions. With in-depth knowledge of supply markets and close collaboration with our businesses and suppliers, our Purchasing professionals bring supplier capabilities to DSM in an efficient and transparent way. We ensure the best value by balancing quality of supply, price and risk management (Total Cost of Ownership), and we actively contribute to differentiated business strategies and goals for sustainability, innovation and ‘asset lite’ (capital efficiency).

To help facilitate collaboration with our suppliers we highlight a number of Frequently Asked Questions and their respective answers below