How we hire talent

Joining DSM

Our recruitment process

We are doing something meaningful, every day. We want to inspire all our people and partners to achieve more together and create brighter lives for all.  Our diverse workforce represents over 100 nationalities and we are passionate about making the planet a better place for all. Read more about how we hire talent.


Before applying

Before completing an application, think:

  1. What do I want to do?
  2. How do I want to develop myself?
  3. How can I contribute to DSM?
  4. Will the company culture suit me?

The best way to prepare is to read the job description thoroughly. And of course you can also get a better understanding of what DSM is all about by taking a look around this and our other websites and social media.

Applying for a vacancy

Our vacancies page is the place to find all current vacancies and is also where you can submit your application. 

If you find a career opportunity that interests you prepare your CV and covering letter carefully. This is your chance to answer “Why would I be the best fit for this job?” Once you're happy with your CV and letter, create an account when prompted to do so and submit your application.

If there are no suitable positions to apply for currently you can also create an account, build your own profile and then receive notifications of new vacancies tailored specifically to your profile.


Our team of recruiters reviews all applications. If the candidate’s experience matches the job, the application will be presented to the manager. DSM receives 1,000's of applications and so unfortunately we are unable to connect with all applicants in person, but everyone will receive notification once their application has been screened. For more information please connect with our Recruiting team on LinkedIn.

Interview process

Once the initial selection round is completed, a selected group of candidates is interviewed via phone or invited to participate in a video interview. Usually, after this step up to five candidates are invited for face-to-face interviews with the manager and future colleagues to further discuss their experience, expectations and cultural fit.

How to prepare for an interview

We invite you to research DSM and our culture. Be ready to discuss specific examples which highlight your experience and knowledge. Show your authentic self and prepare relevant questions.


After the interviews DSM recruiters will get in touch with you and inform you about the results. For some processes it could take longer, but we always follow-up on the results of interviews.

Assessment and other checks

DSM may use an assessment as a part of the interview process. This is done to get a more in-depth understanding of a candidate’s learning agility. In some cases DSM conducts background and reference checks.


After signing a contract we will take care of the candidate's onboarding together with the hiring manager and make sure that on day one everything will be ready, and the new colleague feels welcome and ready to start their career with DSM.

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