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Engineering at DSM: Work for (and with) the best

When it comes to engineering, DSM is right up there with the world’s best. We’re strong in innovation and sustainability – two terms that are becoming indistinguishable rather than mutually exclusive. And we need more bright people to help us keep striving for excellence. Are you one of them?
Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing form the bedrock of our company. We invent things. We make things. We produce things. And we get them – through our customers – into the hands of the world-at-large.

Everyday, our engineers and manufacturing professionals contribute to a more sustainable world. A world that makes people’s lives that little bit easier and reduces our collective impact on the increasingly fragile planet on which we all live.

We work to consistent, global standards – wherever in the world you happen to be based, from processing and manufacturing to health and safety. And of course, like any innovator – someone who actually makes the product rather than just packages it – we need to move and improve as fast as the world around us.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?