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Finance at DSM: It’s your business

Not to put too fine a point on it, but our Finance and Control professionals own their businesses in a way that other companies don’t – or can’t – allow. This autonomy and integration with the heart of business strategy is what makes finance at DSM such a compelling career…
Finance & Control

If you work in finance you already know the hard skills required (yes, you need to be good with numbers). However, at DSM, it’s the soft skills that separate the good from the great. Think of people management, procurement, and sales and marketing. You’ll also need to be pretty convincing – strong enough to persuade others in the company that your perspective is the right way forward. If you have all that, you’ll enjoy finance at DSM.

Our company is expanding across the globe. Finance is therefore a profession within DSM where – if you want to – you can live overseas and experience different cultures. And everywhere we operate, finance is so important to us that we’ve got a dedicated leadership team that specializes in the discipline. If you want to play in the big leagues…now is your chance.